We built a user-friendly POS specifically for events, festivals and venues offering:

All payment types
Cashless RFID
Streamlined Reporting
Vendor marketplace
Easy Setup & Use
Enhanced User Experience
Built by & for Operators
Boost your revenues by 20-79%

Billfold POS Features

Cashless & contactless POS

Multi purpose POS that supports RFID, QR codes, NFC, cash and bank cards.

Access control

Know your customer's journey, increase sponsorship ROl and allow your customers to upgrade their experience with instant onsite upgrades and upsells.

Billfold Direct

Customer-facing advertising interface for product sponsorship and upsells. Allowing operators to communicate with their guests at the point of sale.

Billfold IQ

Go beyond the transaction with real time analytics and event data at your fingertips. Secured with multi level access management.

Diverse & robust hardware

Hardware built to thrive at the entry gate, roaming the site, at the bar and with all your vendors and merchants.

Integration with openAPI

Billfold easily connects with other solutions to unify ticketing, analytics, marketing and even other POS.

Multi-merchant & vendor management

Our robust dashboard allows you to manage many vendors, merchants, location across any organization. Removing operations and settlement headaches.

Billfold Give

Empower your customers and communities with integrated charitable initiatives & donations.
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One solution for multiple industries

Billfold elevates experiences for:


Quick, one-time card connection
Full transparency at every step
Less time queuing, more time having fun


Granular reporting with multi-merchant, -vendor, and -location managemen
Full knowledge of the customer journey with in-depth analytics


Secure end-to-end encryption transactions
Acceptance of all payment types
Revenue boosts of 20-79%
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Better experiences with Billfold for:


Quick one-time card connection.
Full transparency at every step.
Less time queuing, more time having fun.


One solution for easing operational pain points.
Removing barriers & inhibitions around spending.
Granular reporting with multi merchant, vendor & location management.
Knowing your customer's journey with Billfold's in-depth analytics.


Secure end to end encryption transactions.
Accepting all payment types:
• Bank Cards
• Cash
• QR Codes
• Top Ups
• NFC in 2022.
Enabling revenue increases upwards of 20-79%.

Billfold Hardware

Dual-Screen POS

2-second transactions
Powerful wireless portability
Built-in advertising platform

Single-Screen POS

Compact design
Cost-effective system
Full Billfold functionality

Access Control Kiosk

Credential fraud protection
Zone tracking & sponsorship insights
Capacity control

Handheld POS

Phone-sized, lightweight device
Ideal option for floor, VIP, table service, and mobile vending
Support for tab creation & mobile BOH printing

Activation Kiosk

20-second self-service terminal for customer & QR code registration
Full enablement with surveys, Billfold Direct, and Billfold Give
End-to-end encryption protocols
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Case Study

Increased average per person sales by as much as 50.1%

Operational Summary

430+ Event Nights
Over 1.5 million people served


120 x Dual Screen POS
40 x Activation Kiosks

Leading Bartenders Processing

100 Transactions per hour
1.6 transactions per minute
3.4 products per sold minute

Get started with Billfold

Drive your revenues up 20-79%
Easy to train, easy to learn. Staff ready to go in minutes
Hardware built for any live entertainment environment
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Learn about Billfold which is A point-of-sale system that enables transactions to be made without using physical cash, for example using RFID.


Billfold's focus is cashless, however our solution can easily act as traditional point-of-sale system that uses cash, checks, phone pay or credit/debit cards to process transactions.


Billfold Connect is a market leading WIFI service, which gives the ability of devices to communicate and connect with each other wirelessly through a WiFi network to enable operations such as POS, Box Office, Production and other elements such as security, medical or media.


RFID Gate and Entry Control


Billfold works with a wide range of venues, events and festivals. Speak to us how we can help leverage that sponsorship access for brands at a more affordable price point via our innovation POS solution.


Please touch base with the Billfold client success team to assist and support your operations.


Learn about Billfold which is A point-of-sale system that enables transactions to be made without using physical cash, for example using RFID.

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