POS and Access Control
for Conferences

Simplified Purchasing Experience:

Billfold enables guests at conferences to easily purchase food and beverages throughout the event. With a streamlined payment solution, attendees can make quick and convenient transactions, saving time and enhancing the overall conference experience.

Exhibitor and Vendor Revenue Transparency:

By utilizing Billfold, conference promoters gain insights into the revenue generated by exhibitors and vendors. This transparency allows promoters to better understand the financial performance of each exhibitor and make informed decisions regarding future partnerships and revenue-sharing opportunities.

Enhanced Business Models:

Billfold can help conferences enhance their business models. Our solution and analytics, helps vendors and or exhibitors to drive revenues. Therefore the conference promoter can  implement revenue-sharing options for third-party vendors to ensure their risk and exposure is minimized.

Improved Attendee Access Control:

With Billfold's wristband technology, conferences can track attendee interactions more accurately via our access control solution. Instead of relying on QR codes and phones, the wristbands enable seamless tracking of interactions at conference stands, talks, and exhibitor booths, providing interaction data on attendee engagement, but equally giving exhibitor and vendors the opportunity to follow up with marketing information and communications.

Efficient Reporting and Analytics:

Billfold IQ provides comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing conference organizers to analyze and umbrella view spending patterns, engagement levels, and other key metrics such revenue success across the whole operations. These insights help optimize future conferences, site set ups, assess fee structures, tailor offerings, and drive attendee satisfaction.

Increased Attendee Satisfaction:

By enabling convenient and hassle-free purchases, Attendees can focus on networking, attending sessions, and engaging with exhibitors, rather than dealing with long lines waiting for purchase or WIFI network issues if an individual vendor's own POS dies or goes offline. For those considerations it is worthy of checking out Billfold Connect.

Promotional Opportunities:

Billfold Engage also offers promotional opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors to amplify their brand exposure. Brands can leverage the wristbands and Billfolds Engage for targeted messaging on the digital displays on Billfold’s flagship dual screens. Collectively, offers, and promotions can be promoted in the trackable digital receipts sent to consumers.

Streamlined Operations:

By implementing Billfold, conferences can streamline their operations. The system simplifies payment processing and automates reconciliation, leading to more efficient and error-free financial management. These efficiencies lend himself to operating more efficiently and help improve staffing and operating costs.

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