The best high volume larger scale POS for Food & Beverage operators

Time Saved for Each Customer:

Billfold's streamlined payment process saves time for each customer, allowing for quicker transactions and reducing waiting times, which equates to better customer satisfaction and staff can serve more people with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Less Friction Points in high volume environments:

Billfold minimizes friction points in the payment process, making it easier and more seamless for staff to process more customers wanting to make purchases.

Creates More Service Time:

With faster transactions and fewer complications, Billfold creates more service time for staff to focus on providing excellent customer service and catering to customer needs.

Happier Staff:

Billfold's efficient and user-friendly interface reduces the burden on staff, resulting in happier and more satisfied employees and increased tips by up to 2x more than a normal POS.

Fastest Transaction on the Market:

Billfold offers the fastest transaction speed in the market, ensuring swift payment  processing in 2 seconds meaning by the time they turn around with the products, the customer has tipped and paid, and they can start serving the next person.

Robust Offline Mode:

Billfold's robust offline mode ensures uninterrupted payment processing even in areas with poor or no internet connectivity, preventing any disruptions to business operations.

Billfold Connect for Improved Peace of Mind:

Billfold Connect, our live entertainment Wi-Fi solution, provides enhanced connectivity and peace of mind, ensuring reliable and stable internet access for seamless operations, whether its for our own POS, production, box office and other event needs.

Easier Settlement and Post-Event Administration:

Billfold simplifies settlement and post-event administration for concessionaire and food & beverage companies, streamlining the financial processes and reducing administrative burdens, which can eat up staff hours and lead to increased operational costs.

Better Reporting:

Billfold's reporting capabilities offer comprehensive insights into sales data, inventory management, and financial performance, enabling better decision-making and strategic planning.

More Secure Than Other POS:

Billfold ensures a high level of security in payment transactions, protecting customer data and minimizing the risk of fraud or security breaches, providing peace of mind for both businesses and customers.

Simplified, multi tiered software licensing:

Billfold solution can allow multi tier user access to the dashboard and backend, while also making it super simple for operators to connect, set up and go live with an event.

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