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Enhanced Brand Visibility:

Collaborating with Billfold Engage boosts brand exposure to a desired audience in the live entertainment sector, such as and including music festivals, live venues, food & wine experiences, sporting events, resorts and many more.

Targeted Advertising:

Billfold Engage leverages Billfold IQ, providing valuable consumer intelligence for highly targeted advertising campaigns, resulting in improved ROI, campaign performance, brand awareness, and effective acquisition.

Seamless Integration:

Billfold's market-leading live event payment solutions integrate seamlessly with digital sponsorship assets, offering consumers and brands a convenient experience throughout the entire transaction process.

Increased Customer Engagement:

Billfold Engage's digital sponsorship assets provide interactive and immersive advertising options, fostering meaningful connections, brand loyalty, and engagement through dual-screen displays, surveys, clickable digital ads in our digital receipts, branding on wristbands and more.

Measurable Results:

Billfold Engage's digital sponsorship assets enable robust tracking and analytics, empowering media agencies to monitor KPIs, optimize campaigns in real-time, and ensure maximum ROI. We have a track record of providing exceptional brand exposure, coupled with real time interaction and target audience acquisition.

Multi-Channel Promotion:

Billfold Engage offers multiple advertising touchpoints, including the digital wallet, on-site at events, and through post-event digital receipts, enabling brands to reach consumers in various ways during and after the event experience.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Analyzing consumer behavior, purchase patterns, and demographics empowers agencies to make data-driven decisions for future brand campaigns, enhancing targeting strategies and refining advertising approaches.

Cost-Effective Advertising:

Agencies can save on traditional live entertainment activation expenses while leveraging tangible brand activation experiences and driving awareness with Billfold Engage's digital assets across event sites.

Innovation and Differentiation:

Billfold Engage sets brands apart from competitors, showcasing a commitment to unique and engaging customer experiences at the Point of Sale and beyond, with pre and post-event opportunities.

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Learn about Billfold which is A point-of-sale system that enables transactions to be made without using physical cash, for example using RFID.


Billfold's focus is cashless, however our solution can easily act as traditional point-of-sale system that uses cash, checks, phone pay or credit/debit cards to process transactions.


Billfold Connect is a market leading WIFI service, which gives the ability of devices to communicate and connect with each other wirelessly through a WiFi network to enable operations such as POS, Box Office, Production and other elements such as security, medical or media.


RFID Gate and Entry Control


Billfold works with a wide range of venues, events and festivals. Speak to us how we can help leverage that sponsorship access for brands at a more affordable price point via our innovation POS solution.


Please touch base with the Billfold client success team to assist and support your operations.


Learn about Billfold which is A point-of-sale system that enables transactions to be made without using physical cash, for example using RFID.

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