Access Control, Sponsorship ROI and revenue leverage for Experiential events

Amplify Brand Activation:

Billfold Engage helps brands and agencies amplify their experiential activations at events, festivals, or venues. Through onsite, wristband, and digital display communication, Billfold Engage enhances brand visibility and engagement, capturing the attention of event attendees and creating memorable experiences.

Comprehensive Communication Channels:

With Billfold Engage, brands and agencies can leverage multiple communication channels including onsite activations, wristband messaging, and digital displays. This allows for pre, during, and post-event communication, ensuring consistent brand messaging and maximum reach throughout the entire event experience.

Enhanced Data Insights:

Through RFID access control, Billfold Engage provides valuable data insights on guest interactions, dwell times, and participation in brand competitions or incentives. Brands and agencies can analyze this data to measure engagement, evaluate the success of activations, and make informed decisions for future experiential strategies and investments.

Personalized Incentives and Rewards:

With access to guest insights and analytics, Billfold Engage enables brands and agencies to offer personalized incentives and rewards. By tailoring rewards to guest preferences and or spending behaviors, brands can drive higher engagement, increase participation, and foster stronger connections with event attendees.

Amplified Sponsorship Value:

Billfold's digital wallet app, with its successful track record, serves as a powerful platform for brands to share brand messages, offers, and promotions directly with consumers. This proven communication channel enables brands to engage their target audience, drive brand loyalty, integrate CRM’s and achieve successful customer acquisition.

Opted-in Email Collection:

Billfold Engage enhances the value of brand sponsorships at events. Through targeted communication and data-driven insights, brands can showcase their activations, increase brand visibility, and demonstrate a measurable return on investment (ROI) to sponsors. This strengthens partnerships and opens opportunities for future collaborations.

Real-time Optimization:

Billfold Engage allows brands and agencies to optimize their experiential activations in real-time. By monitoring guest interactions and analyzing data during the event, adjustments can be made to enhance engagement, maximize impact, and ensure the activation's success.

Measurable Results and Reporting:

Billfold Engage provides measurable results and comprehensive reporting on activation performance. Brands and agencies can access key metrics, such as engagement rates, conversion rates, and guest feedback, enabling them to evaluate success, demonstrate ROI, and refine future experiential strategies.

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