The right POS solution for Vendors at festivals and event

Increased spending with RFID wristbands:

Billfold turns service minutes into seconds
Spending can increase anywhere from 20-79%
Guests don't need to search for their wallets, bank cards or phones

Offline transaction security:

99.65% offline purchases, success rate via RFID
Peace of mind no matter the situation with power or WIFI
RFID wristband payments are more secure than bank card transactions

Streamlined settlements:

Direct to vendor settlement, 2-3 business days
Quicker reconciliation & less administration
Variety of reporting types
Less time with out-of- pocket expenses

More tips & staff happiness:

One touch tipping
Set your own tip presets
Tipping increased by 2x

Less stress more time to focus:

Convenience and consistency for attendees
Billfold onsite setup, support & training
Transparent dashboard access to your revenue & reporting

Transaction efficiencies:

RFID wristbands create a faster way to pay. Therefore you can serve more people
More time for vendors to serve more guests. Which equals more upsells and higher per person spends

Data insights and analytics:

Valuable data for operational improvement
Track staff performance
Enhance event profitability as a result of sales insights
Manage operating costs more efficiently

Easy to use hardware:

Clear and colourful product listing
First time users dream

Get started with Billfold

Drive your revenues up 20-79%
Easy to train, easy to learn. Staff ready to go in minutes
Hardware built for any live entertainment environment
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