Simple and easy to use POS
for Hospitality

Easy-to-Use UI:

Billfold's POS offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for staff to quickly navigate the system and process transactions, even in high-pressure, fast-paced environments.

Customer Transparency:

The customer facing screen also helps customers have transparency on what is submitted to their order, this can help reduce spillage or wastage on incorrect orders, before they are made. The element of trust also helps drive more sales.

Simple and Easy to Learn:

Billfold's POS is designed to be easily learned by new staff members, reducing training time and ensuring smooth onboarding in high-volume hospitality settings. Billfold’s deployment team can train large groups of staff in a very short period of time and have them ready to serve as soon as doors open.

Kitchen Printing Capabilities:

Billfold's POS is equipped with kitchen printing capabilities, allowing orders to be seamlessly transmitted to the kitchen for efficient food preparation, minimizing errors, and ensuring timely service.

Modifier Functionality:

Billfold's POS supports the addition of modifiers, enabling staff to customize orders and accommodate specific customer preferences or dietary requirements, ensuring accurate order fulfillment.

Expansion to Diverse Hospitality Settings:

Billfold's POS has successfully been implemented in a range of hospitality settings beyond traditional festivals and music venues, such as conference, resorts, RV parks and wellness centers. This adaptability showcases its versatility and effectiveness in accommodating various business models.

Efficient Order Processing:

With Billfold's market-leading POS, high-volume hospitality environments can efficiently process a large number of orders, ensuring prompt service, reducing wait times, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Reporting and Insights:

Billfold's IQ provides comprehensive reporting and analytics features, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into sales performance, inventory management, staffing performance and customer behavior. These insights help drive data-driven decision-making and improve overall operational efficiency.

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