Digital Assets for Brands
via Billfold POS

Consumer Intelligence:

Billfold's track record of successfully helping national brands with brand exposure and customer acquisition is backed by its robust consumer intelligence platform, Billfold IQ. Brands gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, spending patterns, and preferences, enabling them to make informed decisions and develop targeted marketing strategies.

Digital Assets:

Brands can leverage Billfold's proven digital assets, including digital receipts and dual-screen POS displays, to enhance brand exposure and engage consumers. With a track record of success, Billfold's digital assets provide effective opportunities for brands to deliver impactful brand messages, showcase promotions, and drive additional sales.

Wristband Sponsorship:

Billfold's track record of successfully partnering with national brands extends to its wristband sponsorship program. Brands can take advantage of this proven opportunity to increase brand visibility, create brand awareness, and enhance their presence throughout the event experience.

Digital Wallet:

Billfold's digital wallet app, with its successful track record, serves as a powerful platform for brands to share brand messages, offers, and promotions directly with consumers. This proven communication channel enables brands to engage their target audience, drive brand loyalty, integrate CRM’s and achieve successful customer acquisition.

Opted-in Email Collection:

Billfold's proven track record in collecting opted-in email addresses from consumers ensures brands have access to a valuable marketing tool. By leveraging this data, brands can create personalized campaigns, offer targeted incentives, and provide special deals, all of which contribute to successful brand exposure and customer acquisition.

Targeted Incentives:

Billfold's track record demonstrates success in delivering targeted incentives to consumers based on spending behaviors and preferences. By matching opted-in email addresses with consumer data, brands can offer personalized deals, loyalty incentives, and rewards, effectively driving customer acquisition and enhancing brand exposure.

Enhanced Brand Visibility:

Billfold's track record of successfully helping national brands demonstrates its ability to enhance brand visibility and reach. Through various touchpoints offered by Billfold, such as digital assets, wristband sponsorship, and the digital wallet app, brands can achieve significant exposure, attract new customers, and successfully expand their customer base.

Data-Driven Marketing:

With Billfold's proven track record and access to consumer intelligence, brands can confidently implement data-driven marketing strategies. The ability to analyze consumer behavior, segment the audience, and deliver targeted campaigns contributes to successful brand exposure, customer acquisition, and sustainable business growth.

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